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Published on 23 August 2023 at 09:23

I have been questioned, and criticized, often for all the times and ways I say "I love you" - or the reminders that "You are so very LOVED".

But my heart says if people can hate for no reason, and they can hate people they do - or do not - know, then, I can love people!

There are many kinds of love. I hope you know every kind of love there is.

I know that saying "I love you" is not very "politically correct", and that many misinterpret, or misunderstand, the meaning of those words. There's must always be someone to take it out of context. 

But you know what? Through all of life - - We all need to know that we are so very LOVED!

Love is the light that pushes out the darkness of hate.

Love is the fullness that swells the empty spaces of our hearts, minds and lives.

Love gives us a knot to hold on to when the days are tough.

Love is . . . Amazing.



Love is . . . NEEDED.

YOU are so very LOVED!

I love you. 

This was a comment to me personally, on one of my many Facebook posts -

John W. M**** wrote: Is it just your nature to be negative about every damn thing.

Not sure what he was referring to (he wouldn't answer and tell me either), but each to their own opinion.

I strive to be honest.

Not overly negative, not even overly positive.

But honest.


Life is a mixture of positive and negative, good and bad.

Whether a moment, or a day.

Rick used to say that every good day was followed by a bad day. But every bad day was followed by a good day. He also said that if he had never known a bad moment, a bad time, a bad day - how would he know when it was a good one?

In every bad situation, or day, there are good positive things.

In every good situation, or bad day, there are negative things.

And in every situation, or day, there is always something to be thankful for - even when it's hard to find.

Something to remember too, perhaps HE was having a bad day, a bad moment. Perhaps HE was reading in a negative light - and if that was the case, then it would not matter what I wrote or shared, HE would have seen it as being negative.

Life goes on, even when others aren't so happy with me ;) 

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