In these years since Rick died I have been judged, and criticized, often – for believing in GOD, still. 

And, for reading my Bible and taking what is written, literally, as being a Love Letter to me from my God, my Father. 


This blog is me sharing the Psalms from a widow’s point of view. 

I am in no way trying to convince you to believe, or change your mind/heart. 

What you believe, what you cling to, through your life struggles and trials – that is between you and yours. 

This is mine.


The Psalms have long been one of my favorite books in the Bible.

The poetry, the expressions of emotions, the cries of the hearts that wrote these words.

But in the last 4 years, I have now read the Psalms several times – and each time they speak more and more of my own heart, my own struggles and trials of life and living. 


I marvel at how David, and the others, could write them so real from a widow’s perspective.

I am sharing the Psalms from the ESV, English Standard Version– a translation that most clearly speaks to my heart and mind. Shared here without verse numbers.


The notes are mine, except where indicated otherwise.


There are hundreds of commentaries, and countless web sites/pages, that will delve into the “original” meaning of these words and Psalms.

There are interpretations, and conclusions that have been drawn.

I haven’t read them all, just many.


What I write here is my own research and reasoning. 

As well as how these words have in the past, and continue to, affect my heart and mind.


I have a love of words.

I like to look at the base meaning of words.

The meaning of words change over time – and I want to take that into consideration as well, as I share my thoughts.

When looking up the definitions of words, I use 3 dictionaries :

-     The Cambridge Dictionary


-     Merriam-Webster


The Amplified Bible has become a go-to for understanding the meaning of particular words, phrases, and verses - as I study each Psalm, and consider how it applies to my life, as a widow. 


Many of the pictures shared here are not mine.

The ones that are mine will be notated as such. 


Thank you for reading . . .