Why this page? 

How frustrating it is to find a page that means something to my heart and life,
close my computer for the day and somehow it gets lost in cyber-space, never to be seen or heard again.


Therefore, I have created this page as a way to save these links for myself,
and to share with you.
If you have a favorite link that you think I, or others, would like, please contact me and I will take a look.

Thank you! 


Many of these Kindle type books are low-priced, or even free. One of my favorite sites. INSPIRED READS.




I love, and treasure, Texas history. This is a good resource for learning about The Founding Fathers of Texas.





One of my favorite go-to sites: The Old Farmer's Almanac








What Day is it?

One of the sites I use on a regular basis.

Very enjoyable & interesting to me. 






I love history!

This site is very informative.

Thousands of events throughout the years!







Have you ever wondered HOW STUFF WORKS?

I have!

This site has become invaluable for learning!






I find WIKIPEDIA an indispensable tool - 

perhaps not always correct, but then,

I can suggest edits!