Thank You for choosing to be here with me in this world of cyber-space.

I am a woman, a Momma, a Grannee, and now a Great-Grannee . . . and a widow.

Living without my Sweetheart since 2015.

With memories of being a wife, somewhat less than perfect ;) - 

for 34 years, 7 months, 17 days and 11 hours . . . the BEST time of my life.

This blog & website has been created - and will continue - to document the joy & laughter of loving the world’s greatest husband, the pain and heartache of losing him to death, my dark humor that has emerged from the darkness of being a widow, my pity parties and worst of times, my sweetest memories, and living beyond that moment that changed my world.


My reason for doing this website:
The pages of this website are the contents of my heart and soul.
Shared here for all the world to see, in the simple hope that it might touch another soul.
This is ME - in the most open and vulnerable way that I know how to be.
I can only hope that others will feel less alone.

This is simply, my journal. 

The music of my life set to words. 

The bright sunshine spots of my days. 

As well as the darkness of sorrow during the nights.

This is a story of Love, of Laughter, of Life.

A story of ME without him.

Learning how to just "Let It Be".

No longer fighting so hard against this desert of my life,

but rather, learning to live in it, with it.

Even though it was never my choice.

I hope you will grab a cup of coffee, or a cold drink - and come along with me thru these pages.

Be sure to click on each of the links at the top of this page - it will navigate you to all the pages :)

Maybe you will find something to make you smile,

or a word of encouragement.

Maybe you won't feel so alone in your own life's journey.

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Your information will never be sold nor shared.