Music has Life within the lyrics & chords.
These are a few of my favorite songs.
Sharing them from YouTube & other sites around the web.

I own, nor claim, any rights to any of these.

Simply SHARED.


Take a listen.
Let the music flow over your heart & soak into your spirit.
Feel the healing it brings.

If you have one that touches you, please share it with me. 

I find myself drawn to music in a different way now. 
Music fills the void within me.

It is also the touchstone between Rick and me, which I hope it always will be
- because no one can take that away.
Yes, there are moments that even music refuses to touch the emptiness & loneliness of my heart, but it is still always there, waiting for that one small opening to come into the depths of my soul and release a bit of its healing touch & Power.