Here I am again - 

delving into our history, 

chasing our legacy, 

searching the records for stories and pictures. 
Pressing for accuracy and documentation. 
And getting lost
😛😛😛 - 
but it's what I do ... 

and I love it! 

I will be starting with Ricky Lee McCoy and Margaret Lee Lunsford McCoy

to work my way back -

- and as far to wide as I can.

Please, if you have any suggestions, comments, or info to be added - 

I need your help!

It will take a village to make this Tree! 💕

You will find links to the family pages here, as well as at the top of each page under "FAMILY HISTORY"

Ricky Lee McCoy & Margaret Lee Lunsford McCoy

Jimmy Dalton McCoy & Mary Lou Walker McCoy

Bascom Norris Lunsford & Pauline Rosie Greer Lunsford








Roots run deep and wide around here
Off to the North
Way down South
Even as far as the East is from the West.

Bound together by Love and Laughter
With the blanket of God's Amazing Grace.

So, grab a cup of Coffee - or a glass of sweet iced tea 
come and sit a little while
Laugh with us.
Remember when.
Share a story or two

This is our Family
This is Your Family

Welcome Home