A place to share the old ways of doing things - while using the more modern conveniences.

We seldom, if ever, need to gather firewood before cooking a meal these days.

We simply turn on an appliance, grab a pot and cook.
Nor do we need to walk down to the creek, or out to the cistern/well, and bring in water to wash dishes, or clean the house.
We do not walk to the back of the place for using the outhouse,

nor have to have friends come around to help move that outhouse over a new hole that has been dug.
We no longer heat the water and pour into a #3 washtub, allowing the men of the house to bathe first and being sure to not throw the baby out with the bath water ;)


There are many things about the old ways that we can be thankful are “the OLD ways” and we no longer need to follow that advice and counsel of living day to day in like manner.
However, there is much to be said about those days, and much that we need to hold on to.
As well as share the advice, counsel and wisdom of those ages.
Much of the old ways are a dying art.
And if we do not share - the art will die when we do.


Therefore, this is a place to share the old ways - with new twists.
Memories that are forged with sweat and tears.
Things that worked then, and if applied correctly, will work again.

We can learn from one another’s memories, and culture.
No two people do things exactly the same. 

I hope that we will share our memories, our thoughts, our wonderings - and our surprises - with one another.
If something doesn’t work for you - try something else, or twist it farther to where it does work for you!


There is a story told of a young girl asking her momma why momma always used a certain pan for baking the ham - when the ham was much smaller than the pan.
Momma said, “I don’t know. I learned to do it this way from your grandma. Go ask her.”
Grandma said, “I don’t know. I learned to do it this way from your great-grandma. Go ask her.”
Great-grandma said, “Honey, that was the only pan I had to cook the ham in that time!”
Sometimes, traditions are just that - born of necessity in that moment.


May we learn from the traditions - hold to what is good and change the pan to fit the ham!