To all the people who are feeling broken and damaged

Yet, you are still kicking ass every day - - 

I believe in YOU!

Don't quit!

YOU can do this!

Just Breathe!

And always remember: YOU ARE SO VERY LOVED!!!

What you will find here: 

. Growing older. Not for the faint of heart! But thankful for the opportunity for each day trip around the sun! 

. Looking for fellow-travelers on this journey. 

. Insecurities. We all have them! 

. Accomplishments. We all have these too! 

. Mists in my memories. 

. Lessons learned as a widow. 

. Loneliness. While I will try not to harp on this, it’s a real part of this journey in my life. 

. The things I do to keep my mind, heart and hands busy - genealogy, quilting, reading, what I watch, where I go. . . . Times with the kids and grandkids. 

. Hopes, dreams, ideas, and just basic thoughts as I drink my coffee! 


What you won’t find here: 

. Politics. There are websites and blogs beyond all numbers that will take you down that road. I won’t. 

. Religion. While I will include my relationship with God (under the tab : In the Quiet Times), I will not discuss the ins/outs of religion. Again, there are websites and blogs for that - this isn’t one of them. 

In these pages you will read about:

Our past, my life with Ricky Lee.

Our love, our laughter, our home

with our kids and grandkids.

You will also read about my present.

My learning to live this life alone, as Rick's widow.

Navigating thru the waters of loneliness and aloneness.

You will find words about my future, too.

My hopes and dreams, my ideas and visions.

And tangled up in it all -

the fears of a widow's heart and mind coming to battle with a Warrior's Blood.