The heart grows weary at times

Published on 24 August 2023 at 10:23

Sitting here with just a few more minutes before time to leave for work. 

Letting thoughts just be. 

Letting the ghosts haunt and torment.

Letting the wonderings and questions circle about, like ghosts in the mists. 


I've been working on another section to this website. 

Winds of Change.

I wanted to share my thoughts and emotions in dealing with my life these days.

But I did not want to make it hard for anyone (including me later) to find specific posts/topics. 

I wonder if these writings are for me alone. 

Or perhaps if someone will find their strength during the winds of change in their own lives. 


It's difficult to separate the various parts of my thoughts, emotions, mind and heart.

It's all ME. 

But at this point in my life the best I can do is to compartmentalize my life.

Where I try to keep the different parts standing on their own, even though they are all tied together. 

I don't know a lot about electricity, but what I know is that there is a main line coming into the house, and from there it goes into various lines for different rooms and applications. And you have to plug in an appliance to a wall socket in order to get use of the electricity, or at the least, flip a switch to turn on a light. Certain appliances, such as a dryer, requires more electricity than a clock radio does. So, the voltage has to be regulated. 


That's kind of how my life feels right now.

Different rooms.

Various applications.

Being careful not to use the wrong amount.


I want to write these things down, for my own self - to remember more clearly how I felt and what I thought in the moments of life. 

Hoping that someone will find a thread of hope, a word of encouragement, something to hold on to in their darkest moments. 


Life goes on . . . even when I don't want it to.

And I just breathe . . . Just Breathe.

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