We all need a moon

Published on 6 June 2023 at 08:53

We all need a moon in our lives. 

No, I did not say that we all need to be "mooned", or that we all need to "moon" 🤣🤣🤣

But we all need a MOON in our lives - because we all have darkness in our lives. 


Having the sun in our lives is wonderful. It helps us grow. It warms us. 

- It also can be glaringly bright. 

- And as we all know, especially in the summer, you can get too much of a good thing! 


Is there any night so dark as when the moon is not shining, not even a fingernail showing? 

I've been there. 

Not only outside on a dark night where I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, but in my heart and in my mind - to have that darkness. 

Darkness so thick it can be felt as a heavy weight. 

Darkness so real that I can't see the next step to take. 


When my mind is clear and my heart lighter, it's easy to see the sunlight. 

It's easier to find my way.

But, in the darkness, that's when I need someone to shine THEIR light so that I can see, at least the next step to take. 


The moon has little to no light of its own. 

It simply gathers and stores the light of the sun.

Then, reflects that stored light back into the darkness. 


In my day times, I have been able to walk thru this life with a direction and a purpose. Able to see the next step to take, or the next thing to do. I haven't stumbled and bumbled as much. 

But in my night times. That's when I have bumped into this or that. That's when I have fallen flat of my face.

Rick knew that I physically do not see well in the dark. But he could honestly see better at night than he could during the bright of the day. 

He was the steady hand for me in the darkness. 

And yes, I told him once that he was my moon - so what did he do? 

Absolutely! He turned his butt to me and mooned me! LOL


I miss my moon today. 

Life has changed so much in these 8 years. 

I know without question that if he were still here, yes there would still be changes - cause like he used to say, the only constant in life is change - BUT there are some of these changes (even in relationships) that would NOT be happening!

I have fought for 8 years to stay in the light.

To avoid the darkness as much as possible. 

I'm exhausted. 

So, now? 

I am going to look for the moonlight shining in my darkness. 

And at least - for a while now - just let it be.

Sunshine or dark.

I'm tired. 


And what does that mean - mentally and emotionally? 

A sweet message from someone. 

An unexpected phone call. 

A visit - like the visit from my grandson yesterday. 

Basically, something that I don't have to find to do, something that I don't create.

Something from someone that catches me by surprise. 

That's the Moon Light. 


I hope I can be the moon in someone else's darkness. 


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