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Published on 10 June 2023 at 09:05

Coffee Thoughts on a Saturday morning - 

I was scrolling thru Facebook a few minutes ago and saw a meme that caught my attention.

I have seen these words shared many times, on several different pictures. 

"Everyone makes mistakes. That's why pencils have erasers." 

Now, I get the message those words are intending.


However, the me that I am - says, "Wait a minute. There's more - - -"
Yes, everyone makes mistakes.

Yes, pencils have erasers. 


BUT - 

Have you ever written with a pencil, made a mistake, erased it - and there was still a shadow, or ghost, of that mistake?

I can remember, many moons ago, being in school and having my paper corrected with a lower grade - because of the shadows, or ghosts, of the mistakes. 

The answer then was to simply "Be more careful, and make less mistakes." 

- Honestly, not a bad rule for life! 


Not always do we write with pencils.

Sometimes we use pens, probably more than pencils.

What about mistakes then?

There used to be a pen eraser - but it was hard to use, and rarely did it really erase the mistake.

Most often it only smeared the ink, or tore the paper.

I remember my school papers being counted off for the smeared ink, but also for "scratch outs". 

One teacher told the class, "I would rather have you draw one simple line thru your mistake, and correct it. At least then I know you realized your mistake, and took clean and clear direction to correct it." 

- Again, not a bad rule for life! 


Did you ever use an eraser when you were writing on the typewriter?

What a MESS those were! 

But then, the miracle of "White-Out"! 

I wish I had bought stock in that product! LOL

When used properly, it covered the mistakes so easily, so cleanly, that it was almost a "perfect" paper when finished. 

Unless, you turned it over and looked closely. 

You could still see the mistakes under the white-out. 

- How many times in life do we try to cover over our mistakes, and yet, they are still seen? 


Course, these days, we use the computer. 

And what a blessing that one key is - "DELETE"!

Only you and the hard drive know the truth of what mistakes were made! 


All of this has made me think about my life.

I have made so many mistakes in these 62 years of living. 

I think the mistakes of the last 8 years weigh the heaviest to me.

There is NO erasing my mistakes - trying only seems to make a big mess out of it all! 

There is NO covering up my mistakes - not only can I still see those mistakes, but others can see them as well when they look closely. 

Even deleting has only certain advantages. Cause even though everyone may not see and know my mistakes - guess what? The hard drive of my heart and mind still know.


The older I get, the more I realize that one teacher's wisdom, many years ago.

"One simple line thru the mistake." 


So these days, whether the mistake is from my past - no matter how long ago - or whether the mistake is fresh and new - - I am trying to do the "one simple line". 

A word of apology.

No arguments.

No great defense.

No exaggerated reasonings.

Just a word of apology.

Even if I don't feel like I was wrong.

Because if you are hurt by something I say or do, or don't, then I don't get to decide if YOU are right or wrong. Just one simple line. 


One simple line does not make light of the mistake. 

One simple line does not take away the hurt. 

One simple line does not erase the mistake. 



One simple line acknowledges the mistake. 

One simple line is not trying to hide the mistake. 

One simple line allows for going on with the correction. 


AND - 

One simple line doesn't leave such a MESS! 

Even in life. 

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