Beginning Today . . .

Published on 4 July 2024 at 09:32

Theres a thought thats beginning to swirl in my heart/mind.

About losing weight. 

- I have gotten so frustrated and discouraged about it all. Mostly due to listening to others.

There are those who say I cant do it - without pills or programs, or without surgery, and for sure without going to the gym.

Family. Friends. Social media.


- I keep thinking back to that summer between being a junior and a senior. I lost at least 100 pounds in those 3 months. Just by eating less and moving more. I know I was not even 18 at the time.

But God, does the principle still work the same? Even at 63?

I did not have support and encouragement then.

In fact, I argued with my momma every day! She wanted me to eat more, she wanted me to stop exercising so much. But I pressed on in spite of her words.

God, can I do that now? In spite of words from others?


- what if I just write about it all? Maybe not even as a blog yet.

Just write about it. 

Would that help me now?

Would it help me later?

Is there a chance it could help someone down the road?


God, this body is YOUR Creation

YOU know how it works, and how it works best

YOU know what are the best things for me to eat and to drink

YOU know what is the best movement for me to do - for flexibility and mobility, for strength and endurance, and to lose weight

There is a picture in my head of what to look like, how to feel

- what I could do.


Knowing I will never be 18 again ;)

But how do I be the BEST I can be at 63, and beyond?

There are a lot of pills, shots, programs and plans

There are a lot of exercise videos and gyms

There is a lot of information, and misinformation

How do I wade thru it all?

How do I weed out what is not for me?

How do I find what works for ME?

God, YOU are the Great Physician, the Gentle Healer

But YOU are also my Helper, Teacher

Please God - I need YOU, more . . .

- in this, just like in every other area of my life!


What if I take this day – as ONE day.

Just to do today.

Instead of thinking about what I eat or drink in days and weeks to be, what do I eat or drink TODAY?

Instead of thinking about where and how to move tomorrow, or next week, what and how do I move TODAY?

Instead of focusing on what I cannot do, what if I focus on what I can do TODAY?


Yes, there needs to be a basic plan or outline for what I eat, drink, and how I move – a vision of sorts.

But I can’t live tomorrow, next week, 3 months from now, next year – TODAY.

I can only live today – TODAY!


Thinking about that quote which talks about “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one simple step”.

So, what if I take this one simple step TODAY?

And what if I do this day after day, week after week, month after month?

What will it do in my life?

  • Spiritually?
  • Emotionally?
  • Mentally?
  • Physically?
  • Even financially?


I have wasted too much time in worrying and thinking about what others think, say or do.

Or what they will.

And I have been way too influenced by what others think, say, and do.


This is MY life.

I love our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren.

I love our family, and our friends.

I love all my online framily, too.

I treasure the relationships I have with each one – some are closer than others, some we spend more time together online and in real life.


But, when the lines are drawn and all the numbers added – this two truths remains:

  1. No one else is living here with me.
  2. No one else is living this life for me


And those 2 truths bring so many revelations and realizations to my heart and mind.

  • No one is buying groceries for me. And I am not buying groceries for anyone else. Yes, there are occasions when others eat at my table. But the majority of the time, it’s me. Alone. So, what do I want to eat?
  • Why do I want something to eat? Is it a food for comfort? It is because I am bored and/or lonely? Is it simply because I am hungry? Do I need sustenance?
  • No one is here to see what I eat, or how much I eat. No one is here to tell me “You don’t need that”. But neither is anyone here to give me words of strength and encouragement.
  • No one is here when my body hurts – from too much movement, or not enough movement.
  • No one is here when a food disagrees with my tummy, and I have to spend more time in the bathroom – or in the recliner laying with a heating pad snuggled to my belly – due to a bout with colitis, or gastritis.
  • No one is here to cheer me on when I walk farther one day than I did the day before, or when I spend more minutes exercising than the day before. Or when I can reach farther, stretch longer, do more.
  • No one is here to argue with me over all of this. Telling me I am not doing it right. And when in real life, or online, they do? Well, there’s a feature online called “scroll on by” – and that works in real life too! Hang up the phone. Walk out of the room. Walk away from the conversation if changing the subject doesn’t work.


This is my life.

My body.

My journey.


There are certain principles that just work in life.

Whether we agree with them or not, whether we like them or not.

And there are certain principles that work no matter who you are, what you do, or who you are with – even when you are alone.

  • Eat less, move more. Calorie deficit.
  • “A penny saved, is a penny earned”.
  • A body needs food for fuel, for sustenance.
  • A body needs water to hydrate.
  • When the clouds get too heavy, it rains.
  • The moon shines in the darkness, the sun shines during the day.
  • Just because clouds are between us and the sun, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining.
  • Water is wet.
  • And the list of principles that are real and true, goes on . . .


But then, there are all the variables in life.

And what works for one may not work for another.

Much of what I read about being a widow, or being a solo parent/grandparent, or being a woman, or losing weight – well, it doesn’t seem to apply to me. At least not in the way that makes the most sense, the “easy button” to wade thru and understand.


  • Because it is “normal” for people to work and save money, to have life insurance, to have savings and retirement accounts, I know it’s hard for anyone to wrap their minds around my truth. Rick and I had NO savings, NO retirement accounts, NO life insurance. I was left with NOTHING when he died. The house was his parents’ home. The car loan had been denied for credit life by the underwriters, and we didn’t know it until after he died. Without a place to keep our “stuff”, I lost about 90% or better of everything. I was “gifted” $255 by Social Security as a death benefit, and it was paid directly to the funeral home. In my life as a widow, I have yet to meet anyone – online or in real life – who has lost everything when their spouse died. Not saying there is no one out there, just saying I haven’t met them yet.

. Which in this, it has placed financial limits on me – to where I cannot afford plans, programs, surgery, in order to help with weight loss, or even just in buying groceries!

I must make do with what I have, doing what I can do.


  • I have some health challenges, like we all do. My challenges seem to center around finding a plan or program that actually LISTENS to my body.

. There are foods that I cannot eat, things I cannot drink. If I have not tried them all, I have at least researched most of them.

. I wish there was a meal replacement shake that did not have aspartame and/or milk. My body cannot tolerate any amount of aspartame – causes me to have severe migraines and stomach cramps, almost instantly. My body tolerates less and less milk these days.

. My teeth being as bad as they are (a genetic “thing”), makes chewing foods less and less pleasurable. I have to be very particular with the foods I eat, to guard against any more pain with my teeth. And yes, I have looked into getting them all pulled and having dentures. Wish I could afford them – but at this time, I cannot.

. When I had cancer surgery back in 2012, about 2-3 feet of my colon was removed, oncologist said it was damaged too badly. Which means that I have less to digest foods with – and that means that I have to be careful with certain foods (onions being #1), how much I eat, the way they are cooked, and when I eat them.


So far, with all the hours upon hours of reading, researching, and talking with nutrionists, dieticians, doctors, nurses, and program people – I have yet to find a plan/program that I can actually USE with my body. Oh I could still buy into any of them, but so much of what I would be getting, I could not use. So, why waste that money?


I am not “special”.

But I am unique.

Then, aren’t we all?

We are not puppets on a string.

We are not “mass-produced” in a shop somewhere.

We are individuals.



And we all need someone to get that – to understand, to show a measure of compassion.


I’m writing this in hopes of encouraging myself.

So that I can look back to where I am today, from where I will be in the tomorrows to come.

And perhaps at some point, I will be able to share this with someone else – and they too will find hope and encouragement.


A lot of this written will be just for me, but it may help someone to think outside of the box they feel pressed to be in.


I believe in God, and I depend on the Promises I find in my Bible to be my strength, to encourage me, to lift my spirits.

And I know that God can do anything He wants to do.

He is able, more than capable.

He could speak the word and have all this weight, all these aches and pains, be gone!

But honestly, it’s not right of me to ask that.

I am the one that has made the choices and decisions time after time, day after day, to eat the wrong foods, to drink too much sugar drinks, to not move enough.

MY choices.

MY decisions.

No one held a gun to me forcing me to eat or drink, or to not move.

No one threatened my life in any way.

  • You know, when the thief was on the cross, hanging there by the side of Jesus, he asked to be remembered when Jesus came into Paradise. Jesus did not get him down off that cross, set him free and tell him to sin no more. Jesus said that this day they would be together in Paradise.
  • I am not asking God to do a miracle in taking this weight off me, not as in instantly. I am asking God though to do a miracle in Blessing the work of my hands and mind as I fight this fight. I am asking God for the miracle of strength and health to get up and move. I am asking God for the miracle of strength and encouragement when I need it most.


Accept responsibility. Past. Present. And future. 

Cry out to GOD, like David did in Psalm 131. This is too much for me alone. 

Live life as I lose myself.

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