Published on 16 November 2023 at 08:12

People are different.

We all have different likes and dislikes.

Sometimes we can cross over and try new things – and often those new things to us are keepers.

And other times, well, once was more than enough!


What breaks my heart is when those differences become the wedge that drives us apart from one another.


How many arguments between family, friends, or framily – in churches, jobs, or between neighbors and strangers – begin as a difference of thought, idea or opinion?

About how something, or someone, looks – or acts.

About foods that are liked/disliked.

About how one relationship is vs how another one is.

About how one spends their money vs how another one does.

And the list of differences goes on . . . and on . . . and on . . .


Sadly, so do the arguments, the hurt feelings, the prides and prejudices.


I miss Rick and his perspective on differences.

How many times did he say to me, or to someone else –

“If everyone was just like me, or you, wouldn’t this be a boring world!?!”


In science, and in our world – opposites can attract, or repel.


When I was a kid growing up, Momma had 2 magnets, that she kept in her sewing machine drawer – she had an old time pedal Singer sewing machine that sat in a what looked like a desk.

Not sure where those magnets came from - one was a strange shaped bar, kind of raised in the middle. 

The other was smaller, and just a simple bar. 

She used those magnets to pick up needles and pins – especially as arthritis made her hands not work as easy.


If I was especially good on a day, or when I was sick, she allowed me to play with those 2 magnets.

I loved making them attract to one another, as well as to repel.

They were my favorite toys.


Every kid that came into our house, grandkids or friends, knew that they could play with those magnets ONLY when invited to by Momma.

And only on rare occasions did someone sneak them out of the drawer – cause when they did, they were forbidden to EVER play with them again!


Before Momma died, she gave those magnets to me.

Treasured memories, touchstones to Momma and a more perfect world.


I sit here this morning thinking about those magnets and how I would play with them, how others played with them.

I think about the fingerprints on those magnets.

The laughter that they must hold.


And I think about relationships that are much like magnets.

Sometimes, the only difference in whether we attract or repel – is what end we use!


What end you ask?


2 individual magnets.

They are both able to attract and to repel.

Depending on which end is pointed to the other.


What are your motives for doing or saying what you do?

When there is the time of being, or getting, repelled – are you willing to turn your pride, your emotions, your attitude, that you may once again attract?

YES! There are many times in life that we must repel.

But as much as we do? 


I hope to always be willing to turn myself:

  • When the need to repel is there, to have the wisdom, understanding and insight to know. But not just because my feelings are hurt. Not just because there is a difference of thought, or opinion.
  • When the need to attract is there, to again, have the wisdom, understanding and insight to know. And not just because it is the easiest thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do.


Differences have been there since the dawn of time.

They will forever remain.

Because we are INDIVIDUALS. 


Rick used to say that there were 2 certain things in life –

  1. We were all different in our own ways. 
  2. Changes.


Whether we are willing to accept those differences and changes, and deal with them maturely or not – that’s on each one of us.

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