September is half over already

Published on 17 September 2023 at 10:09

And what a month it has been so far! 

**September 5 was our 43rd wedding anniversary.

- I think the one thing that was the hardest to deal with, to process, this year was the realization that I will never get to be one of the "long-term" marriage people. There will never be a big celebration for the longer years - 50 years together, or more. We were married for 34 years, 7 months and 17 days. That's it. And with me at 62 years old, there will never be a longer marriage - with Rick, or with anyone else. It's still a gut punch when I think about it all. 


**The day after our anniversary, my computer decided to do a hard update. I had declined it so much, but missed the chance that morning. And it crashed. I had been reading about this newest update from Microsoft and how so many of the computers had crashed because of it. Some did not. Mine did. 

- The computer finally did come back after about 24 hours, but didn't last very long. It then decided to do a hard crash - the black screen of death! 

So, I went to Aaron's (I know, much to the consternation of so many people) and I now have a brand new HP computer. Loving it - but after losing so much information 10 days ago - I am NOT trusting a computer alone ever again! Save, Save, Save! Save to the cloud! Save to the external hard drive! Save even as a written/printed trail as needed! 

I know some people LOVE getting a new phone or a new computer. I do not. The transfer of information is a pain in the arse to me! And what is lost, or cannot be transferred, is even more so a pain in the arse! 

But it's one of the prices we pay for technology. 


**I have a genetic issue with my teeth. They are crumbling and falling apart, coming out pieces at a time. 

I have never done drugs, other than a few prescriptions thru the years as needed. 

I do not smoke. Never have. 

I do not drink in excess. I might drink a bottle of wine every 3 months. A wine cooler once every couple of months or so. A swig of Rum when my teeth are hurting more than I can bear. 

I have been obsessed with dental care my whole life. 

And still . . . 

Then, at some point in August, I cooked a few tater tots in the air fryer. Only cooking them about 1/2 done - so that they would still be soft. First bite, and my tooth broke! I felt it, and heard it. The bottom right side, tooth just in front of what would be my wisdom teeth (but those were pulled many years ago). 

For about 3 weeks I bore the pain, using Aspirin and Tylenol, with an occasional swig of Rum held on the tooth and then spit out, as well as Aspercreme on the outside of my face/jaw for the pain and pounding. All while trying to find a dentist who not only could see me, but would work with my insurance. 

Finally! Dr. Hill on the 7th. He said there was an abscess, but it was not deep nor extensive. The tooth was broken to the root. After deadening my mouth, he worked on the tooth, wiggling it this way and that way, pushing and pulling. The tooth held fast. The only thing he could do was to drill it, completely breaking it, and take it out in pieces. Afterwards, he prescribed me Hydrocodone for the pain, and told me to take it very easy over the weekend. - Not a problem! 

By the following Wednesday morning, the pain had not gotten below a 7 - on the scale of 10 used by doctors. My face was swollen on the outside as well as the inside, even under my ear and neck, making me look almost like I had a case of the mumps! My throat was still sore, as was my tongue - making it hurt to even drink. I contacted Dr. Hill's office and he wanted to see me Wednesday afternoon just to check it all out.

He found a pocket of pus, which he broke - ICK! Tasted horrible! Then, he packed the tooth cavity with a pain reliever to give me a bit of relief. And he said that my jaw was sprained - from the pushing and pulling, from having to have my mouth pried open for so long. Just as a sprain anywhere in the body actually hurts worse, and takes longer to heal, than a break - works the same in the jaw. He also said that it would take another 5-7 days for all the swelling to go down, and probably another 2 weeks for the pain to completely go away. 

As of today, 10 days after having it pulled - the swelling has gone from a 10+ to about a 3, and the pain has gone from a 10++ to about a 5. There are moments when the pain is extreme and intense - and moments I almost forget about it. 

I know this is only a foreshadowing of things to come. I do not have 1 tooth left that is not damaged in some way. If there would be a dentist that would work with my insurance, and with me on what the insurance does not cover - I would have every tooth pulled, and get dentures. But as of today, that hasn't happened. Still looking. Sigh. 


**Here I am. Just as I am. On the 17th of September, 2023. Amazed that it is already the 17th! This month is 1/2 over! Most of it seems nothing but a blur of pain and medication. 

But hoping and praying the rest of it is better.

Less pain, less medication. And more LIVING.


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