Time to catch up again

Published on 26 July 2023 at 09:44

Well, I've written a few times about different thoughts that swirl around in my heart and mind.

But haven't talked a lot about what's going on in my little corner of the world. 

Mainly because there isn't much!

Life is different these days. 

Is it me? 

Is it this season of my life?

Is it something that I could change, given all my parameters? 

*I do not have a fur-baby. I love cats and dogs. Not sure I will ever have another one in the house. Perhaps given the "right and good" situation and circumstances? If I were to have my "dream"? It would be to have an aquarium in the house (current lease specifically says NO), a dog outside that has a fenced yard to run and play in, and a calf. I love calves & cows. So, perhaps one day . . . 

*It's just me here at the house, 99.99% of the time. Our son and his bunch will stop by when time and schedules allow - always such a joy! Love those times - whether a moment to "borrow" the bathroom, or a longer time to grab a bite to eat, or those times to just sit and visit. Love, love, love, those times! 

*I haven't been quilting. Need to get back to those. I have several that I really wanted to do this year - not sure how many I can get finished by Christmas, but I can give it a good effort! 

*I am cleaning house for an elderly gentleman. 93 and he lives alone, just him, his dog, and his 3 cats. A few hours each week - helps him, and is helping me, too. I enjoy the time visiting with him. He is very wise, and very experienced in life. 

*This week, I begin another house cleaning opportunity. Looking forward to that one! Hoping she is well pleased with my work. 

*I have been trying to break the bad habit of caving into the recliner too early in the late afternoon - and mindlessly watching the older sitcoms (the ones I know by heart). I have watched a couple of movies - really enjoyed "The Green Lantern" - I had seen it years ago, but not since that first time. "Overboard" remains one of my all-time favorite movies! And just in the last couple of days I have found "Wings" - that was one of Rick's favorite sitcoms. I am enjoying an episode or two of it each day. Makes me smile, remembering Rick watching it. 

*I have been going thru pictures on my computer and hard drive. Genealogy pictures and saved memes. I have deleted literally thousands of them! How do the duplicates - sometimes 7 of them - happen? UGH! But I have finally reached a point where I feel a lot more comfortable with what I am keeping and going thru now to identify. 

*I have added a few pages to this website, in hopes of building the audience, and in sharing what I am thinking. As well as building the genealogy to share with family, and with friends. There are stirrings of ideas inside my heart and mind that I am trying to work thru so that they will make sense to anyone who is interested. 

*Some time on the phone with my sweet cousin. Seems to be a growing "Momma-daughter" relationship. I like that! 

Time on the phone with our son, and with his precious wife. Love talking with them both! 

Time on the phone when schedules allow with my sweet sister-in-law, a widow as well. We cry until we laugh, and we laugh until we cry again. It's this life that we live. 

*I am planning on going to the library on Friday this week. I need to hold a book. Need to smell a book. I love my Kindle - and I have many books on there that I have not yet read. But sometimes, the writer in me just needs to touch the pages and words all over again. I have reserved 2 books in the Longmire series. I want to read all the books, and then watch the TV drama series again. 

*Starting to make some thoughts and ideas of forming a plan to take the trip to Sulphur Springs. Spend a little time with our daughter, granddaughter, and new great-granddaughter. As well as see some of the family, and maybe a friend or two - time allowing. Money remains the obstacle - not the miles apart. 

*Fighting critters in the house these days. These ginormous spiders! If they want to live - they need to stay outside, or hidden from my eyes! And killed a 2" scorpion the other night. I have sprayed twice now, and fixing to spray again! I do not share well with critters! 

*I am a plant momma. I love my babies. They are mostly all doing so well. I have lost a couple in the last month - but I guess that is to be expected. Makes my heart sad though.

*Our son's favorite boss of all time died suddenly about 10 days ago. Family was told that it was a massive stroke that left him brain dead. He did live off life support for long enough that it was his body's choice. Family night was a week ago, followed by the funeral last Thursday. I had heard/seen the last call for firefighters and police officers online - never in person. Larry was a firefighter with the local fire department for 50 years - he was the chief. So when the last call was played - wow. It was very humbling to know just how honored Larry was in this life. 

Larry has certainly left a hole in a lot of lives.

The picture shared here is of Larry Pratt. Chief. What a perfect picture - just how we imagine him walking into Heaven. 


Well, it's about time to gather my things and get off to work. 

Just wanted to write out a little catching up before it got too far gone. 


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