Letting Go

Published on 22 May 2023 at 10:41

Coffee thoughts: Not enough coffee? Too much?

Thinking about all areas of life, and relationships, this morning:

It’s easier to lick my wounds - and keep them sore and tender

It’s harder to doctor them - and leave them alone to heal

Not all messing with them is healing


It’s like a broken bone- it may need to be set back in place, or even have surgery to repair some of the damage- it will need to be casted, and even have that cast changed out

But, there is also a time of leaving it alone

- don’t continue to do surgery on it

- don’t continue to set it back in place

- don’t continue to put a cast on it, time after time after time

Leave it alone that it can rest and be healed


There may be time of rehab after the healing

- to regain the use of the area more completely

And it may always be a little tender if bumped,

Or painful when the weather changes.

It may always cause a gimp in using that area

It will never be as though the break had not happened


But after a time, there is healing

- even if it’s not the way we wanted it to be

- even if it’s not as quick as we thought it should be

- even if . . .


There comes a point of healing, of letting go

- letting go of the casts

- letting go of the bandages

- letting go of the medications used


There comes a time of learning to live with it

- the way it is NOW.


Life goes on

- the world doesn’t stop for my broken bone

. . . Or my broken heart.


I think sometimes we have to grieve almost as much for the letting go as we do for the actual break

- even if it is a different kind of grieving.

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