Published on 17 May 2023 at 09:18

Wednesday morning coffee thoughts:

Life is too short for senseless drama.

Are there issues in life that are worth fighting for? Yes.

But - all this 1+1 =‘ing 5?

I really do not have patience, nor tolerance for it.


All of it makes me think about the weather - - if there is a storm on the way directly for me, and I go outside, shake my fist at the clouds and scream - what good does that do? 

But if I pray, believe, trust in the Lord when I am afraid - for one, it helps to calm me down, for another, I have seen God do some amazing things at turning the storms and even if He doesn't - - I choose to believe that He is still God, and He is still good.

It’s not that I don’t care about the storm, it’s not that I am no longer frustrated or afraid.

So what do I do with these emotions that come in the midst of drama?

Where can they be best used?


I just don’t feel much like drama with people these days- even listening to their drama gets on my nerves!


I realize that feeling the way I do, and as outspoken as I have become against drama - my circle is smaller these days.

Seems the farther along I go in this journey, the smaller my circle becomes.

I am different from those that I know - sometimes I really do feel like that last dragon (thinking about the movie "Dragonheart" )


If someone wants to have a conversation - I’m all for it.

And if they want to ask questions with the effort of listening and trying to understand where I am, what my perspective is, where my passions lie these days, that’s great.

But if they are only wanting to pick me apart, or argue with me?

Or if all they want to do is call my thoughts, perspectives and convictions, stupid or silly?

I have no place for them in my time.


It’s not hard to tell them apart, especially after a few minutes of conversation.


I will reach out until my arms are weak and exhausted.

I will reach out until my heart is empty and drained.

Time after time.

Probably giving people a lot more chances than I am given, perhaps more than they deserve.


But at some point, if they aren’t going to reach back to me, if they aren’t going to help fill me?

Then I have to step away and take care of myself.

Cause no one can fill from an empty pitcher.


That old adage comes to mind - “pick your battles wisely”.

And I know full well that I am not going to win them all.

Nor is every battle even worth winning!

Which battles will be remembered in a year? or in 5 years? in 10 years? 

Which battles will change the course of my life? Or the course of someone else's life? 


Focus on what’s important - those things that will make a lasting impact on someone’s life, or on mine.

And lay aside those arguments that will be forgotten in time.

Walk away from those battles that will change the relationships in a negative way.


Re-reading this, it sounds a bit selfish -

- but I truly do not mean it that way.

This is not a “love yourself” mentality.

It is not “it’s all about me” mentality either.

I really do care about people, and about certain issues.

I just do not have the patience and tolerance for, well no other word comes to mind - bullshit, or rude behavior.

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