After Effects of Cancer Surgery

Published on 20 May 2023 at 09:18

11 years ago when I had cancer surgery - a radical hysterectomy for aggressive uterine cancer, my oncologist told me that one of the lingering effects to the surgery would be in my legs, ankles and feet. Explained that a normal person's blood goes from their heart to big toe and back to heart in 2 seconds or less - but since he had to remove the part of me that does that, mine would now take 20-45 seconds.

< Rick laughed when the oncologist said "a normal person". Dr. Frumovitz looked at him and asked, "What?" Rick said: "You should know by now that she is FAR from normal!" LOL Dr. Frumovitz smiled, and just shook his head. LOL > 

Which meant that I would deal with aching and swollen legs for the rest of my life.

And in time with the blood pooling, they would turn a darker color.

He said, "I was able to save your life, but I took away your chance of having pretty legs."

Small price to pay.


He further explained that there was little to be done, except to pay attention to the way my legs feel.

If they throb and ache while standing, sit down and elevate.

If they throb and ache while sitting down, even elevated, get up and walk around.

He said it would be a life of "ups and downs".

Again, small price to pay.


An effect of the edema would eventually be blistering.

I have had a few blisters thru the years - nearly always very small ones, and with a bit of care they cleared up fairly quickly - a few days.

Very tender in that spot of the blistering, but the rest of the legs were ok.


However, this time.


These are not huge blisters.

2 or 3 have been about the size of my little pinkie fingernail.

Several others have been just a wee bigger than the size of a pencil lead.

Using my cleanser every day.

Keeping them covered.

Same routine as always.


But the discomfort, pain and throbbing - that's been the struggle this go round.

Walking at all is like having a gazillion needles poking my legs from all angles.

Sitting with my feet elevated not only gets to be boring very quickly, but it puts a pressure on my back that makes it unbearable at times.


Sorry for whining.

Just ready for this "go-round" to be over and done with.

It's already been a few days.


Still, small price to pay to survive.


But - just whining this morning.

Maybe coffee will help.

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