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Published on 21 April 2023 at 16:45

I am not a wise one.
I am not the one to swoop in and rescue anyone.


Yes, I have experience and wisdom.
I have some knowledge - that would help.
But, I have not “arrived” anywhere in this grief.
Being 8 years out, does not mean that I have all the answers.
Being 8 years out, does not mean that there is no grief left.
It means - I have survived
I have survived what tried to kill me.
I have survived the broken heart.
I have endured a life changed to the deepest core.
I have endured.
I have survived.
I am not greater than any widow.
- there are widows older in grief than me, some are doing better than me, some are not.
- there are widows younger in grief than me, some of them are already doing better than me now, some are not.
If ever there was a time in life where there should be NO competition?
- the life of being a widow.
We all have our strengths, and our weaknesses.
We all have our growths, and where we feel stuck.
We all ache to be recognized and realized as having been a husband or a wife.
We all ache to be validated in our lives, as a widow and a widower.
We all hurt.
We all grieve.
We all just breathe.


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