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Published on 9 May 2023 at 16:38

I am 62 years old. 
I have been a widow for 8 years.    
April 23, 2015, began this journey for me.

We had 2 children - a daughter, and a son.
Thru them, we have a daughter-in-love, and 4 "perfect" grandkids!
Grandkids are all grown up now, no babies to snuggle.
But oh how I love them all!
Kids and grandkids.
My heart.
My life.
My world. 

Everyone knows that I love coffee. 
The smell.
The taste.
The anticipation of that first sip, with every cup.

I will drink coffee in the morning, or at night.
As well as any time in the day. 
My favorite creamer flavor is either the sweetened original Coffee Mate, or Italian Sweet Cream. 
I enjoy trying new flavors of coffee - today's flavor was Southern Pecan . . . oh so smooth and good!

Coffee cups are a passion to me.
It's very difficult for me to pass up a coffee cup! 

I enjoy reading. 
At one time I was a very voracious reader.
And occasionally I still am. 

These days, however, as a widow I find it more difficult to concentrate.
If the book does not capture my attention in the first chapter?
I'm pretty much done.
Later I will share some of my favorite authors.
I will also be sharing some of the books I have read - as well as what they have meant to me. 

I enjoy a good movie, or TV show. 
I do not own a TV presently, but I watch some of the older shows on different streaming services. 
Pretty particular about my movies. 
- romantic comedy. But it needs to have substance to it, a strong story line. I do not enjoy the highly sexual movies. I also have to be in the right mood to watch a romantic comedy. 
- dramas & life stories. Again, it needs to have substance to the plot. No rambling in the first 30 minutes or I am completely lost. 
- Faith based movies. "Amazing Grace". "The War Room". "Facing the Giants".
- western. Such as John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Glenn Ford, Clint Eastwood . . . and others of the older set. 
- classic movies. There are many on my "life list" to watch, either again, or many for the first time. 

favorite tv shows are mainly the older sitcoms: Friends. Everybody Loves Raymond. Step by Step. I Love Lucy. Andy Griffith. Beverly Hillbillies. 
- I don't enjoy gory, blood and guts. 
- I don't watch war movies. 
- I don't enjoy the "dumb" movies. I'm sorry. I know a lot of people do enjoy those. About the extent of my "dumb-ness"? The Three Stooges. Now, Rick LOVED Blazing Saddles. I simply shake my head at the mention of it. LOL!!! 

Genealogy is a passion of mine. 
So is finding the meaning of names and words. 
Love taking a long walk down a country road, or in a park.
Strolling thru cemeteries is something that I have always greatly enjoyed. 
Taking a drive down a back country road, winding this way and that way.
Finding a country store that serves ice cold drinks, and perhaps a bologna sandwich - nothing better! 

I enjoy sewing and crafting.
Mostly taking what people would call trash or junk, and turning those into something beautiful.

Everything has a purpose - and a re-purpose. 

Of course, writing, and working on my websites and blogs. 
I love taking pictures.
I do not consider myself a photographer.
​I simply enjoy taking pictures and sharing them. 

That's a snapshot of me - as I think of more, I will add it here. 

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