Books are Magical

Published on 17 May 2023 at 16:45

I have always loved to read ...
reading takes me wherever I want to go - to another place, another time.

However, grief has changed my reading habits. 
It is more difficult to keep my attention in a book, for my thoughts and memories wander more often these days. 
I get lost in remembering the many, many, many books that Rick and I shared - how that we would read them often aloud to one another ...
and how that we always discussed the books we were reading individually or together.
I miss that. 


I find now that if a book does not totally grab my attention in the first few pages, I might as well lay it aside for perhaps another time. 


I have a growing list of books that I want to read - I know it will just take me time to find that "moment" of reading.


My tastes have changed as well since becoming a widow. 

I still enjoy an edge of inspirational romance, but it must have a substance to the plot. Just a "boy meets girl" story line doesn't do it for me anymore. 

I enjoy historical novels. American History & Texas History are my passions. And The American West. 

I also enjoy some of the legal thrillers. 

Some of my favorite authors & books - - ​

John Grisham

Grace Livingston Hill

Brenda Wilbee - the Sweetbriar Bride series

Bethany House publishers

The Love Inspired stories

Michael Phillips

Judith Pella

Tracie Peterson

Zane Grey

Louis L'amour

The Green Mile by Stephen King

Lonesome Dove

Gary Roe

Gilbert Morris

I will be adding more authors, and book titles. 

Also going to be sharing some book reviews and recommendations. 

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